Man Wants to Know if He’s a Jerk for Refusing to Help His Ex Pay for a Damaged Pool

Help you pay for what?!?!

Because of what?!?!

I have a feeling this guy’s ex ain’t getting a dime out of him…

But is he acting like an a**hole?

Take a look at his story below and see what you think!

AITA for refusing to help pay for a damaged pool?

“I’m divorced and my ex has a pool at her house.

She recently found out her pool has a leak and it will cost $5000 to fix and she asked me if I could cover at least $1000 of the bill.

Her logic is that our sons (6, 9 and 12) are going to use it all the time when it gets warmer in a few months so it’s not unreasonable for to cover some of it.

I asked her if she was going to partially reimburse me for the new trampoline that I bought after the old one broke. She said no because the trampoline was used everyday whereas her pool was used seasonally and therefore was normal wear and tear.

And no, I have no idea what she meant by that so I just no.”

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This person said he’s NTA and she shouldn’t spend the money if she can’t keep the pool up.

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Another person said he’s NTA and that he’s not on the hook for this.

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And another individual said this guy has no responsibility for this.

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