Man Wants to Know if He’s a Jerk for Telling His Stepdaughter She Has to Move Out of His Apartment

You’re outta here!

Uh oh…that doesn’t sound good, now does it?

Especially when you’re dealing with family members and giving them the boot out of an apartment.

So the question is…did this guy go too far?

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AITA for telling my stepdaughter she has to move out of my apartment, for my sister and her family?

“Me (49) and my wife (45) have been married for 5 years. I have a stepdaughter H (22).

H used to live in student housing, but is currently taking a year off school and therefore isn’t eligible anymore. Her school, workplace etc are a few hours drive from here. I own an apartment around that area, so we’re letting H stay there. I don’t charge her any rent.

My sister (40) lost her job last year and works at a new place, which pays much lower. She lives with her boyfriend and my 14 yo niece, and they’re struggling with the rent. They like extravagance so this is hard on an entire family.

I want to offer the apartment to my sister’s family to stay in, since they’re 3 people who actually need it. They’re onboard with this and we’ve talked to H, that obviously it won’t be immediately and we’ll give her some time to find another place, so my sister can stay there.

H got upset and said if she really has to move, and it’s going to be hard. I offered to help her find somewhere, but said that this is our decision. My wife isn’t happy with this and said I’m being unfair to H.”

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