Man’s Beautiful Proposal Was Ruined by a Naked Man Chasing a Dog

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Many of us have a vision for when we pop the question. It might be a romantic evening on the beach or dinner at someplace significant. Some people like to make it a big deal, while others prefer a private proposal.

Then there’s this guy, who posted his story on the subreddit, “Today, I F***ked Up.”

He titled his story, “TIFU the perfect plan.”

He starts out with what he had on his agenda:

This is how the weekend should have gone.

  • Pick up girlfriend.
  • Drive to romantic location.
  • Pop the question.
  • Girlfriend > Fianceé.
  • Celebrate.

Seems like a good plan. It’s not too complicated, nothing crazy. What could go wrong?

This is how the weekend actually went.

  • Picked up girlfriend.

Well, so far, so good. Perhaps he should have stopped there…

  • Got distracted on the road when I noticed a naked homeless man chasing down a dog who had a visible dildo in its mouth.
  • Got so distracted I never even noticed the truck in front of me slowing down.
  • Crashed.

That’s the end of it, right? Nope. The list continues:

  • Lost the ring in the accident.
  • Swapped romantic location for hospital.
  • Pissed off girlfriend’s parents for almost Final Destinationing their daughter.
  • Pissed off roommate for crashing his car.
  • Pissed off myself for pissing off everyone.
  • Ended off this weird ass weekend with nothing to show but bills and bruises.

Not a rousing success. So, is that the end of the story?


Any plans I had of proposing have been put on pause until I somehow manage to unfuck life.

Tl;dr Planned to propose but got struck by a naked homeless man, a random doggy with a dildo, and a big ass truck.

What’s the craziest engagement story you’ve ever heard? I’d be surprised if it could top this one.