Margot Robbie, Halle Berry and Cameron Diaz Were Among Some of the Boss Babes Put to the Test in Epic Battle

Photo Credit: YouTube

Actor and leading Hollywood stunt woman, Zoe Bell tweeted she had a huge surprise for us and tagged it #BossBitchFightChallenge.

Where that intriguing tease lead was to a video, put together by Bell, of some A-listers throwing down with each other a la Fight Club.

And, y’all? It’s so cool.

Lucy Lawless, of Xena fame, kicks off the action.

Actually she throws one hell of a punch.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Drew Barrymore didn’t know what hit her.

But she hit right back.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Juliette Lewis’ workout was disturbed by the fracas.

She showed us a whole new disturbed side of herself when she struck back.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Rosario Dawson gives as good as she got.

Which is a lot.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Cameron Diaz was just throwing crap out of her car.


Photo Credit: YouTube

Florence Pugh was not happy to get popped in the back of the head.

She did look like she enjoyed smashing Julia Butters in the face with a dumbbell.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Darryl Hannah graced us with her Kill Bill vibe.

Elle Driver in the ring.

Photo Credit: YouTube

How mean can Zoe Saldana look?

Pretty darn mean.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Rosie Perez is coming for ya.

She’s “angry.”

Photo Credit: YouTube

This is one pissed off Halle Berry.

I would run if I were you.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Margot Robbie has been waiting for her swing at the bat.

Afterall, she’s “Harley freakin’ Quinn.”

Photo Credit: YouTube

This was the best edited fun to be had on YouTube since we’ve been “so bored,” as Zoe Bell exclaimed before she started the whole kerfuffle.

Think she can gather her gal-pals again for an even more violent sequel?

We hope so!