McDonald’s Is Offering One Million Free Meals in the United Kingdom

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Say what you want about McDonald’s, but the restaurant is one of the most popular eateries in the entire world. And even though their food isn’t the healthiest option available most days, the fact is that it’s affordable, it’s everywhere, and for all of the faults of their food, as an organization, they give quite a bit back to their communities.

Recently, they’ve offered a million free meals to families in the UK in connection with Manchester United and their campaign to help kids everywhere have enough to eat.

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After the government rejected a motion to feed kids through Easter, restaurants all over the country stepped up to offer their help, despite many of them struggling financially themselves.

McDonald’s is the biggest name to enter the fray so far, and they have also committed to helping to fund FareShare, a food poverty charity that helps re-distribute food to families who need ti most.

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The million free meals are in addition to the 400 tonnes of food and 100,000 litres of milk already donated through FareShare, and will help kids eat through the half-term break and beyond.

“We are proud to announce a partnership with @FareShareUK to provide 1 million meals for families in need.

Our funding will enable the urgent redistribution of meals across the next couple of weeks to those in greatest need.”

Paul Pomroy, CEO of McDonald’s in the UK and Ireland, added “in these challenging times, we know it’s more important than ever to support those most in need.”

Lindsay Boswell, the CEO of FareShare, says “McDonald’s is showing real leadership in supporting the most vulnerable in society to get access to healthy food at this critical time.

The funding will enable the equivalent of 1 million meals to be redistributed to our charity network very swiftly, andwe are very grateful for their urgent support.”

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Bravo, McDonald’s!

I hope more businesses who can afford it will step up to help our most vulnerable populations in these trying times.

If you want to support FareShare, too, you can get involved here.