‘Mean’ Joe Greene Meets the Coca-Cola Kid 40 Years Later

Photo Credit: YouTube

During the 1979 Super Bowl, a commercial aired that forever remained with football fans.

In it, embattled Pittsburgh Steeler, “Mean” Joe Greene takes an icy-cold bottle of Coca-Cola offered by a 9-year old boy and downs the whole thing. When Greene notices the boy walking away dejected, he calls, “Hey kid.” Then throws the boy his jersey.

Photo Credit: YouTube

The commercial was a hit with so many connecting with the story of a tough football who really has a big heart meeting a young (and adorable) fan.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Forty years later, the commercial and its two stars, Greene and Tommy Okon, were reunited on CBS.

The two met at the Apogee Stadium in Denton, Tex. Greene recalled he drank 18 bottle of Coke to nail the scene. They also re-enacted the commercial and were both moved to tears. Especially Greene who said he couldn’t believe Okon was all grown up now.

”No way. It’s great to see you,” Greene says when he see Okon. “My God, look at you. I don’t need to look down here anymore.”

Photo Credit: YouTube

Okon responds he looks older than Greene, and the laughter and recollections of the commercial filming flowed from there.

Here’s the meeting…

Greene retired from the NFL after the the 1981 season. He’s remembered as a gridiron powerhouse and is honored in both the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame.

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