Meet the 96-Year-Old Woman Who Bowled a Perfect, “No-Tap” Game

Image Credit: YouTube

If you’ve always written off bowling as one of those kind of second-class sports – ones that people like Al Bundy, of all people, excel at – let me assure you that any perfect game, in any sport, takes an immense amount of skill.

And that’s before you reach the ripe old age of 96.

Image Credit: YouTube

I mean, my grandma is 97 and still lives on her own, but I honestly can’t imagine her having the steadiness and coordination to bowl a ball, never mind complete 10 perfect frames.

That’s exactly what Sara Lyons, from McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, did, though, and honestly, she made it look easy.

Image Credit: YouTube

Which, whether you like to disparage bowling or not, you must realize that even though it’s easy to play, it’s not easy to play well.

The “no tap” game means that “strikes are awarded for any pin count at or above a certain score.”

An example would be awarding a strike for any bowler who knocks down nine or more pins on the first ball thrown.

Sara has been bowling since she was 27, and admits “that’s a lot of bowling.”

Image Credit: YouTube

It definitely is, but watching her bowl, it’s hard to believe she’s pushing 100.

To the people watching and cheering her on, Sara is an inspiration – not just in the arena of bowling, but in the arena of life.

If I have to live to be 100, I sure hope I’m spry enough to do something like this!

Or at least to travel to a nice beach somewhere that serves rum.