Men Talk About What It Feels Like Working With Mostly Women

For decades, women have been pushing their way into workplaces and industries that were traditionally male. Now, though, more and more people are doing what they love, gender roles be d&$med – and that goes for dudes, too.

These 10 men are working in industries where women are more common, and sharing what challenges (and upsides!) they’re coming across in the process.

10. Here’s hoping things will change.

We don’t need the extra drama in this society.

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9. Friends are friends.

Your partner should trust you!

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8. If you’re open to listening…

You can almost always learn a thing or two.

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7. It goes both ways.

And everyone needs to cut it out.

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6. There was probably some kind of cause…

Or I’m just being a brat.

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5. I’m sure there are perks.

Just don’t get caught being a creep.

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4. Is it, though?

I’m not convinced.

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3. For now, anyway.

It sounds like a raise might be in order!

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2. Keep your head down, sir.

Otherwise they’ll come for you next.

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1. This made me chuckle.

But seriously, I hope he’s rewarded for his hard work soon.

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I can’t wait until everyone can just do what they want without worry.

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