People Share What They Think Today’s Kids Need More Of

I guess every generation thinks the ones below them lack discipline and are doing things the wrong way…

You do it, too!

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And I bet you also think they need to be doing some of the things you did growing up…

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1. Yes!


We built a wooden bike ramp a few years back, and that alone increased neighborhood bike usage by at least 300%.”

2. The good stuff.

“Analog technology.

I’m a millennial and as such have been “fortunate” enough to see the replacement of most analog tech with digital counterparts.

The phone has replaced basically everything. It’s a camera. It plays music. It’s a TV. It’s a computer. It’s an encyclopedia. It’s a notebook. It’s an alarm clock.

Analog tech? Stuff like record players, cassette players, CD players, VCRs, DVDs, even just computers? I have a theory they help develop critical thinking skills, creative thinking, technical skills, troubleshooting skills, dexterity skills, etc.

When everything is done through one device which, under normal circumstances never fails and is easily replaced when it does, you lose that.

You never learn how to burn a CD/tape something from the radio. You never learn to develop a photograph. You never learn to position rabbit ears to get a good signal. You don’t really need to learn any of that in the modern world, but if you don’t?

You never learn how to work with your hands. It changes the way you think about things, the way your brain evolves, the way you approach problems.

Some people might say it’s an improvement, and it sure is convenient. But I think we’ve lost the development of critical thinking and dexterity skills that come from the learning of use of analog technology.

Just my theory, and admittedly it sounds like the nostalgic ramblings of an old man. But I’m in my 30s, so I’m not that old.

Maybe I’m just a millennial who likes my old tech. I miss the hum of a CRT, dedicated devices, the art and passion that goes into the development of a photograph, etc.”

3. The old days.


We wandered streets, fields, woods, without anyone being worried that we would be harmed. We were chased out of the house in the morning & forbidden to return until meal times.

Nowadays, it’s all preplanned playdates, supervised everything, no opportunity to risk life & limb, to try & fail, to live life.”

4. Be a kid!

“More time outside building secret bases in forests, having little gangs, climbing trees and building tree houses.

This was my childhood.”

5. Being bored is okay.

“Being bored!

Today, it doesn’t matter where you are, everyone (including children, adults, and seniors) sit down and automatically pull out their phones.

We don’t allow our minds to wander anymore, and that’s a problem.”

6. A sad one.

“Feeling safe at a school.

Granted, we had bullies, and those bullies if driven enough can cause lifelong trauma.

But most of us never thought we would be shot at school.”

7. This is good.

“A youth without having to be perfectly styled and ready for social media…

We played. Outside. In the mud and snow and in the summers heat. We came back with dirty clothes, freezing cold noses and wet from jumping into the nearby lake. We didn’t care about our clothes, about our “style” and happily wore the same green t-shirt and jeans every day (of course, cleaned).

We knew when to come home – not because we had a smartphone or a smartwatch, but because the sun set 😅 I’ll never forget sitting on the porch, watching the sunset, eating ice cream, and being completely and undeniably unworried. Noone captured every third step on digital videos and posted them on every single social media platform.

No,one needed “likes” and “retweets”. Noone bullied you because you didn’t have the IPhone 383637 S for 3000$ … We were KIDS. Just. Kids. Not miniature adults with bad manners and mobile phone addiction.”

8. Life lessons.

“Learning that failure is just as important then success. Asking questions how to achieve your goals and then search for the answer. Self reflection. Be yourself, dont give a d**n about others opinions.

Dont be jealous what other have. Ignore the pipe dream of wealth ,status and fancy stuff because it dosent make your happy. Take life as an adventure like in a fantasy game and have fun!”

9. Important.

“Work ethic learned at an early age.

I grew up on a small farm and, as soon as you were capable, you had jobs and responsibilities.

Growing up it was ingrained in you.”

10. Be there!


When I was a kid, and you made plans with someone, you had no way to reach them if you wanted to bail on the plans.

So you usually followed through.”

11. Back off.

“Lack of helicopter and bulldozer parents.

Today’s parents are raising a generation of kids that are utterly useless in the face of adversity of any kind.”

12. Some advice.

“Stop using Tiktok.

It’s really bad for your mental health and listening to stuff that’s NOT TRUE.”

13. Fresh air is good!

“Actually being allowed outside.

So many parents keep kids inside now rather than allowing them to gain the confidence with the outside.

I know the world is “dangerous” but it’s no more dangerous than it was for us ’90s kids and older , we are just more aware of the dangers.”

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