People Share What They Will Never, Ever Do In Their Life

I will never, ever, EVER do psychedelic drugs.


No judgment on those who have, but I just know it’s really not a good idea for me to do them…because I feel like I’d lose my s**t and end up on the 5 o’clock news…

What will you never do?

Check out how AskReddit users answered that question.

1. Not a good idea.

“Climb Mount Everest.

I’ve often reminded folks that Everest is lined with the corpses of folks who started with a positive attitude.”

2. Hell no.

“Cave diving.

I’ve seen several videos of cave divers having to push their oxygen in front of them and squeeze their ribs through these tiny cracks.

I can’t imagine anything being worth that risk.”

3. Not gonna happen!

“Buy a super yacht.

Even if I accidentally become super rich.”

4. Maybe a long time ago…


I used to really want to try it but as I get older the desire has expired.”

5. Faithful.

“Cheat on my SO.

I would rather end the relationship.”

6. Good for you!


Plan to age and wrinkle in style!”

7. Okay…

“See Celine Dion in concert at the White House, while tripping balls on some shrooms purchased from a shoeless hippy named Cosmo.”

8. Keep it to yourself.

“Send or receive nudes.

I’m too old and self conscious.”

9. Sounds dangerous.

“Trick horse riding.

I sit on my horse.

I’m not gonna be hanging off her while she gallops in a circle.

I already have epilepsy, I don’t need my head dragged on the ground.”

10. Bad idea.


Our house motto is “M**h. Not even once”.

I even have it cross stitched and hanging by the front door as reminder we don’t and will never do M**h.”

11. Kid-free.

“Have kids.

I’m 50 and I will be having none of that BS.

World is headed to some dark places before we see the light I think.”

12. Maybe someday…

“Eat so many nachos that my stomach will explode.

I’ve tried.

It doesn’t happen.”

13. Good one.

“Never say never.

Somehow I have ended up having a lot of experiences that at some point I had specifically thought “that’s never going to happen to me.””

14. There you go!

“Give you up.

Let you down.

Run around.

Desert you.”

15. Those days are gone.

“Drop in on a half pipe ever again.

It was fun when I was younger.

I look at it now and don’t get how I ever had the balls.”

What will you never do?

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