Merriam-Webster Tweeted About “Doggos” and the Pooch Pics Came Rolling In


If one thing is certain in life, it’s that you can never, ever get enough of dogs. Every time a dog video pops up on Facebook or Instagram, I immediately drop what I’m doing and watch it. Which is why I’m pretty excited that Merriam-Webster is “watching” the word “doggo” for possible entry into its dictionary.

Why not, right?

The tweet immediately captured the public’s attention, and people decided to bombard Merriam-Webster’s Twitter account with pictures of their adorable pooches.

Photo Credit: Twitter, cathjenkin

Photo Credit: Twitter, thejanegang

Photo Credit: Twitter, annsarg

Like I said, you can’t get enough, right? Keep your fingers crossed that the good folks at Merriam-Webster make “doggo” part of the official lexicon in 2018.

h/t: Mashable