12 Messes, Disasters, and Epic Fails That People Had to Deal With

©Unsplash,Marco Jimenez

We all try to get through life avoiding as many disasters and inconveniences as possible, but sometimes things just have a funny way of catching up with you.

Know what I mean?

Here are some unfortunate events that should make you laugh…because they didn’t happen to you…

1. Stay away from that.

Saw this near my house yesterday
by inWellthatsucks

2. I enjoyed this!

~ A 2 for 1 Special – drives over a road sign, road sign shows him whose boss [ 7 sec ]
byu/becuziwasinverted inWellthatsucks

3. Okay guys, who did it?

These guys locked their keys in an armoured truck
byu/sketchybutter inWellthatsucks

4. Sorry about that.

Had to replace and shatter my toilet to see what the blockage was. My 2 year old had flushed Sully in there…even he looks guilty.
byu/deacon_of_fire inWellthatsucks

5. Wear shoes in the shower.

My glass shower door broke
byu/scam_radio inWellthatsucks

6. Yikes. Sorry, pal.

[deleted by user]
by inWellthatsucks

7. I need a lift.

That must have been an awkward phone call
byu/TheSolarHero inWellthatsucks

8. Not a good time for this to happen.

byu/Taetaer inWellthatsucks

9. That’s not a good sign.

My favorite gaming chair just broke with me in it.
byu/LDAP inWellthatsucks

10. Ohhhh nooooooooo.

I’m in a crappy situation right now
byu/waffle_sheep inWellthatsucks

11. Pretty sad.

Recent storm at my hometown ripped a tree up near some grave sites.
byu/MajorThickMeat inWellthatsucks

12. Looks expensive.

Jackhammer bit broke while my boss was using it about 2 minutes in
byu/XLRIV48 inWellthatsucks

I’m sure glad I wasn’t on the receiving end of any of those FAILS.

How about you?

Have you had any unfortunate incident take place lately?

Tell us about them in the comments!