12 Messes, Disasters, and Epic Fails That People Had to Deal With

©Unsplash,Marco Jimenez

We all try to get through life avoiding as many disasters and inconveniences as possible, but sometimes things just have a funny way of catching up with you.

Know what I mean?

Here are some unfortunate events that should make you laugh…because they didn’t happen to you…

1. Stay away from that.

Saw this near my house yesterday from Wellthatsucks

2. I enjoyed this!

~ A 2 for 1 Special – drives over a road sign, road sign shows him whose boss [ 7 sec ] from Wellthatsucks

3. Okay guys, who did it?

These guys locked their keys in an armoured truck from Wellthatsucks

4. Sorry about that.

Had to replace and shatter my toilet to see what the blockage was. My 2 year old had flushed Sully in there…even he looks guilty. from Wellthatsucks

5. Wear shoes in the shower.

My glass shower door broke from Wellthatsucks

6. Yikes. Sorry, pal.

My friend got to experience a quarantine haircut. from Wellthatsucks

7. I need a lift.

That must have been an awkward phone call from Wellthatsucks

8. Not a good time for this to happen.

Dammit. from Wellthatsucks

9. That’s not a good sign.

My favorite gaming chair just broke with me in it. from Wellthatsucks

10. Ohhhh nooooooooo.

I’m in a crappy situation right now from Wellthatsucks

11. Pretty sad.

Recent storm at my hometown ripped a tree up near some grave sites. from Wellthatsucks

12. Looks expensive.

Jackhammer bit broke while my boss was using it about 2 minutes in from Wellthatsucks

I’m sure glad I wasn’t on the receiving end of any of those FAILS.

How about you?

Have you had any unfortunate incident take place lately?

Tell us about them in the comments!