Michael B. Jordan responds to the fan who thirsted so hard for him she broke her retainer.

Let it be known: your secrets are not safe with your orthodontist. At least, that’s what 17-year-old Sophia Robb after her orthodontist BLEW UP HER SPOT on Tumblr.

For context, Robb went into the orthodontist last week because she broke her retainer clenching her teeth during one of the many scenes in Black Panther where Michael B. Jordan is shirtless.

Yes, you read that right, her thirst for Michael B. Jordan was so strong it SNAPPED A RETAINER. Unsurprisingly, this whole ordeal was amusing enough the orthodontist shared it on Tumblr.

“[…] one of my patients came in for an emergency visit, because she snapped the wire on her retainer watching the movie when MBJ took his shirt off she clenched her teeth so f— hard she snapped it. that is the f— funniest sh— ever to me this tiny 17 year old girl thirsting so goddamn hard she busted steel.”

The story quickly went viral (probably because her thirst is so relatable), and eventually Robb revealed herself as the woman whose passion transcended orthodontics.

But the best part of this whole ordeal was when message reached Michael B. Jordan himself, who generously offered to pay for a new retainer.

Apparently, the two even DMed about it, although we have no details on that part of the conversation.

Photo Credit: Twitter/pixyrue

Robb’s father even hilariously jumped in to assure Michael B. Jordan that there was already money set aside to replace his daughter’s retainer after any upcoming Black Panther movies.

Photo Credit: Twitter/pixyrue

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