Middle School Students Protest Lack of Free Tampons at School with Genius ‘Tampon Cookies’

Photo Credit: Twitter

Having periods can cost you roughly $18,000 over the course of your lifetime, according to 2017 analysis by HuffPost. It doesn’t quite seem fair that half of the population should have to pay out of pocket for an uncontrollable health necessity, which is why many folks have recently begun advocating for free tampons and pads at work, schools, and public places.

Now, even young people are getting in on the fight.

A group of middle schoolers organized to ask the principal to start distributing free tampons in the bathroom. The male principal refused, claiming that kids would “abuse the privilege.”

Whatever that means…

The students didn’t give up, though. They protested by making cookies in the shape of tampons.

Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, is the friend of the parent of a seventh-grader at the school. She told the story on Twitter.

“The kids decided to hold a cookie protest,” Ilyse wrote. “Behold the tampon cookies!”

The cost of tampons is especially unfair for young students, who have no control over their parents’ level of income or wealth. Kids who don’t have reliable access to menstrual products may not be able to attend school consistently.

The cookies appear to be made of wafers, red and white frosting, and string.

In response to Ilyse’s tweet, other Twitter users shared stories of similar actions at other middle and high schools.

They also mocked the principal’s concerns and praised the students’ creativity.


As one user wrote: “The kids are DEFINITELY alright.” And hopefully, their efforts are successful!