8 Millionaires Say Which Books Guided Them to Riches

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Delve into a self-made millionaire’s daily routine and you’re likely to see a significant amount of time devoted to reading. Which is remarkable considering how busy they are making millions.

Turns out, most millionaires will tell you they read to gain knowledge, which in turn, helps them make money. It’s time, they say, that is well-spent.

So which books are they? And will they work their magic on us regular working joes?

Scroll through the eight books these high achieving individuals claim guided them to getting wealthy. Maybe reading one or two of them will start your journey into one percentness.

1. Be Here Now by Ram Dass

Steve Jobs, who co-founded Apple and was a popular entrepreneurial figure before his death in 2011, said this book on meditation was a major inspiration.

He called it transformational.

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2. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

Warren Buffet is beyond millionaire and is immersed comfortably in billionaire country.

He credits this book for explaining how investing in stocks and bonds worked in a way that made sense to him when he read it at the age of 19…and off he went to make his billions.

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3. World Order by Henry Kissinger

Mark Zuckerberg may drive you crazy but he developed Facebook and is a very rich man. He says he learned about navigating the world around him by reading Kissinger’s World Order.

“It’s about foreign relations and how we can build peaceful relationships throughout the world,” he posted on Facebook.

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4. Built to Last by Jim Collins

Steve Ballmer, chief executive of Microsoft said this book shaped his management and leadership style.

He told the New York Times, “If you really want to get the best out of people, you have to really hear them, and they have to feel like they’ve really been heard.”

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5. Factfulness by Hans Rosling

Factfulness is Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft’s favorite book.

In a Time interview, he said, “[Rosling] offers clear, actionable advice for how to overcome our innate biases and see the world more factually.

This is one of the most educational books I’ve ever read, and I think everyone can benefit from Hans’ insights.”

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6. The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro

Jeff Bezos claims he’s influenced more from this fiction work than from anything non-fiction.

He told Newsweek, “If you read The Remains of the Day, which is one of my favorite books, you can’t help but come away and think, I just spent 10 hours living an alternate life and I learned something about life and about regret.”

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7. The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

Everyone’s favorite book club hostess, Oprah Winfrey says The Seat of the Soul is the most influential book she’s read.

In a speech she gave at Skidmore College, Winfrey said that in reading this book she learned about the intentions that come before our thoughts and actions.

It’s a philosophy she’s lived by ever since.

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8. Conscious Business: How to Build Value Through Values by Fred Kofman

Facebook COO and author of Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg loves this book for its message about communication and commitments.

It’s taught her how to be a team player and to take responsibility for her actions.

She even gives copies to her team members to inspire them.

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Clearly, reading means leading. Find your library card and check out the tomes that spelled success for these millionaires.

They’re even on record saying so. Who knows best about becoming rich than rich people?

Here’s to reading for our future prosperity!