Mom Explains Why She Won’t Let Her 5-Year-Old Child Apologize to Her 12-Year-Old Sibling

Photo Credit: Pexels

Siblings can make for great companions, but they also often say mean things to each other. Even worse, in many households, siblings are taught to get angry at the person they hurt.

But this mom wasn’t having it. She went on Twitter and wrote a thread about the events that occurred in her house. Then her five-year-old daughter taught us all a lesson.

First, she gave us the basic details.

She wasn’t about to let her sweet daughter apologize to her brother because he was the one who got in trouble for good reason!

Mom was trying to teach her daughter a valuable lesson. We all know young girls and women and taught to apologize for problems they didn’t create, and it’s clear that @Dr.ChaeEd didn’t want her daughter to learn this harmful life lesson.

Mom even did a restorative circle.

Dad got involved so he could help sort this out as well.

Mom even gave us an update about what dad and Laila (her daughter) said.

Many Twitter users felt this was a sweet exchange.

And mom explained what they discussed with Laila.

She then gave another meaningful update.

Women supported this mom’s decision.

Other women shared their struggles. Pearls of wisdom were shared!

Setting boundaries is healthy and good!

And some people want her to write a parenting book!

Well-done, mom!

This thread began an important conversation.

Thankfully @DrChaeEd instilled a powerful for her children. What did you think of how she went about this? Are there any other lessons you wish you would have learned about boundary-setting the past? We’d love for you to share these in the comments!