Mom Writes a Diary Entry from Her 2-Year Old’s Perspective, and the Internet Loves It

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Let’s face it: sometimes people who don’t have children can judge parents harshly if it seems they can’t control their child.

Many of us roll our eyes at the sight of a child throwing a tantrum. Others complain when a baby on an airplane won’t stop crying. Perhaps a few (just a few, I’m sure) have gotten angry at parents whose children can’t handle themselves in the grocery store.

Pretty much all the time, parents face harsh judgments for wanting to do things in environments that weren’t created with young children in mind. But here’s the thing: kids are kids. They can’t really help it, .

One mom and blogger Mary Backstrom wrote a diary entry from the point of view of a 2-year-old that really makes you stop and think.

The diary starts like you’d expected..

Let’s face it… when you’re 2, people just don’t trust you.

And that is hella frustrating!

And there are SOOOO many demands to do things right.

Do this. Do that. Eat this. Don’t eat that.

I can’t organize all this info, mom!

Please just let me do what I know I can do. Then I won’t be so frustrated!!!

These powerful words really made a lot of people think about our unrealistic expectations for young children.

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Because it’s not about what they can’t do… it’s about what they’re learning to do.

Photo Credit: Screenshot, Facebook

It’s hard to be a parent out there, so kudos to Mary Backstrom for doing what she can to help us all have a bit of empathy.

Do you think people can be hard on parents of toddlers and young children?

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