‘Monopoly: Cheaters Edition’ Was Made for All You Crooks out There

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Do you have people in your life who constantly cheat at board games and it drives the rest of your family crazy? I know I do, and that person shall remain nameless to protect his identity.

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He’s been cheating/lying/stealing his way through family board games since I was a young lad. Well, now I know what I’m getting him for his birthday this year. “Monopoly: Cheaters Edition” will be released this fall.

The offshoot of the classic board game will encourage players to cheat as much as possible and even steal. It’s kind of like real life! Players will be rewarded for evil deeds they pull off successfully but will be punished and sent to jail if they’re caught. The game even comes with prop handcuffs players wear if they are sent behind bars.

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One big change from the classic version is that each player acts as his or her own banker instead of each game having one designated person in that role. This fall, let the cheating begin!

h/t: Mashable