The Most Famous Movies Set in Each State

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I love movies and I also love to travel. Which means this list is right up my alley!

Movies can make you feel like you’ve been somewhere, or make you 100% sure you’d love to visit. They can bring a location to life, so much so that it becomes a character in the film. Location is obviously very important, and ever since the beginning of Hollywood, movies have been set all across the United States.

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Many, we forget. Others come to epitomize the states they’re set in.

Which movie represents your state? I’ve never even seen The Outlaw Josey Wales, which is Missouri’s movie (I might have picked Winter’s Bone?), but maybe I’ll have to now!

Alabama – Forrest Gump

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It’s a good one, y’all. Alabama should be proud to have given birth to such a memorable citizen, even if he’s not technically real.

Alaska – The Grey

Really? Did anyone actually see this?

Arizona – Raising Arizona

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I mean, it’s right in the title.

Arkansas – Sling Blade

Sadly, this movie is pretty much what the rest of the country thinks about Arkansas.

California – Pulp Fiction

There are so many parts of California and so many films – I personally might have gone with La La Land.

Colorado – The Shining

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Maybe being associated with a terrifying haunting isn’t everyone’s idea of good P.R., but I doubt anyone in the tourism department is complaining.

Connecticut – The Stepford Wives

Because fiction mirrors reality?

Delaware – Fight Club

Because it had to be set somewhere.

Florida – Scarface

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Poor Florida.

Georgia – Gone with the Wind

The story of Scarlett O’Hara and her struggle to adjust to her life during and after the Civil War is certainly part-and-parcel with the South, but most people would also be able to name her hometown – Atlanta, Georgia.

Hawaii – Lilo and Stitch

Animated features FTW!

Idaho – Napoleon Dynamite

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I’m kind of jealous, not going to lie.

Illinois – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

If you’ve seen the movie once, you’ll remember his very Chicago day off from school – Cubs game and parade included.

Indiana – A Christmas Story

There’s no denying the story is firmly Midwestern, and Indiana is certainly that.

Iowa – Field of Dreams

“Is this heaven?” / “No, it’s Iowa.”

As an Iowan by birth, I can tell you this is actually true.

Kansas  – The Wizard of Oz

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I would venture to say that few states are as tied to a movie as Kansas is to Dorothy and her quest through Oz.

Kentucky – Coal Miner’s Daughter

Nothing like a movie about your state’s most famous daughter to make the list.

Louisiana – 12 Years A Slave

A heartbreaking film set in what was, at the time, a heartless state.

Maine – The Shawshank Redemption

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You may not realize the prison film was set in Maine, but if you know that the novel was written by Stephen King, then you won’t be surprised. The guy has a serious hard-on for the state.

Maryland – The Blair Witch Project

In case you were planning on visiting.

Massachusetts – Jaws

You’ll be fine if you go – no sharks in Boston.

Michigan – Robocop

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Minnesota – Fargo

This was a surprise for me because I assumed it was set in North Dakota, but that accent is unmistakable.

Mississippi – Django Unchained

Good movie? Yep. Stomach-turning? Also, yep.

Missouri – The Outlaw Josey Wales

We are proud of our outlaws. RIP Jesse James. (Though Gone Girl has to be inching up on this one now?)

Montana – Legends of the Fall

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A beautiful setting for a beautiful story.

Nebraska – Nebraska

Obvs. Also a great movie.

Nevada – Leaving Las Vegas

It’s not exactly the fun-loving picture most people have of Las Vegas, but it couldn’t be more accurate.

New Hampshire – Jumanji

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Original version forever.

New Jersey – Clerks


New Mexico – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It seems fitting that the Land of Enchantment should play backdrop to such a classic.

New York – The Godfather

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The people of New York might not love being associated with the mob, but in the minds of most of America, there’s no separating them.

North Carolina – Bull Durham

One of the best movies ever made about baseball.

North Dakota – Logan

Just under the wire.

Ohio – The Silence of the Lambs

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It’s a pretty famous movie made in Ohio, but it doesn’t scream Ohio or anything.

Oklahoma – Oklahoma!


Oregon – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

For some reason, this seems apropos.

Pennsylvania – Rocky

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Who can forget the iconic montage that ends with Rocky mounting the steps in Philadelphia?

Rhode Island – The Conjuring

Absolute terror set against quaint Northeastern charm.

South Carolina – The Patriot

For me it was Shag, but there’s no denying The Patriot is more famous. I guess.

South Dakota – Dances With Wolves

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Everything Native American depresses the shit out of me, and this movie is no exception. That said, having been there, this movie is the most entertaining thing about the state.

Tennessee – Walk the Line

A more Tennessee movie one could not find.

Texas – No Country For Old Men

There are a lot of movies set in Texas that really give you the feel of the state, but this one is the most famous of all.

Utah – 127 Hours

Filed under: movies I didn’t want to see but ended up loving.

Vermont – Super Troopers

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This one is a huge win in my book.

Virginia – Remember the Titans

It had to be set in the South, and it’s not the worst movie to claim.

Washington – First Blood

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Because Rambo is just slightly more well known than Twilight.

West Virginia – October Sky

No better place to see it.

Wisconsin – The Straight Story

The funny, slightly odd, charming tale is a perfect mirror for the state it’s set in.

Wyoming – Unforgiven

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The pinnacle of Westerns set against a gorgeous Wyoming backdrop. 10/10.