Movie Watchers Share the Worst Movie They Actually Watched From Beginning to End

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As something of a movie buff, I’ve sat through my fair share of stinkers in my life.

Sometimes, I even enjoy a bad movie if it’s bad/good, like The Room, but then there are some films that are just painful and sitting through them feels like being in the dentist’s chair for 2 hours.


Here are the worst movies that AskReddit users sat all the way through with the hope that they’d get better…but they didn’t…

1. No way I’m watching that.

“After Earth with Will and Jaden Smith.

It was the double combo of being bad but getting the sense that they thought it would be groundbreaking.”

2. Who approved this?

“The new Dolittle movie with Robert Downey Jr.

The climax of the movie is him pulling a bagpipe out of a dragon’s *ss.

I was just sat there like, who approved this to be made?”

3. Not a fan.


Nothing actually happens in the film. I could’ve watched paint dry for two hours and it would’ve been a more productive use of my time than watching that film.

Super disappointing especially since the first two films were fairly decent.”

4. At least the AC worked.

“The Dark Tower.

The only reason I didn’t leave was cause I was in southern Florida for a trip and went to the movies to get out of the heat for while.

The movie AC was the only good thing I found with that movie.”

5. Painful.

“Transformers: The Last Knight.

For a movie that’s called Transformers, they sure do put a huge emphasis on everything except them.

Optimus is in the movie for like 8 minutes, and it’s painfully long.”

6. Dumpster fire.

“Fantastic 4 from 2015.

That movie is a dumpster fire of epic proportions but I wanted to see what they did with Doom so I stayed till the end, but they f*cked him up too.”

7. I heard about this one…

“Holmes and Watson.

Holmes and Watson is shockingly bad because it’s made by and starring people that usually make good comedy.

It was expected to be at least an average comedy movie and it is truly unwatchable.

It’s just SO bad and not in a good-bad way like Battlefield Earth or any just bad like every Adam Sandler movie made after 1998. H&W should have been good and it’s truly shocking in how unfunny it is.”

8. A bomb.


Just, yikes.

What really made it painful is that the movie didn’t understand what the musical was. It forced a plot into a piece that’s more like an anthology of stories.

Then presenting with the worst CGI and the most aggressive fourth wall break at the end really killed it.”

9. Time was wasted.

“Jack and Jill.

Wasted an hour and a half of my life that I’ll never get back.”

10. Another Cage classic!

“The Wicker Man with Nic Cage.

Oh god, the bees..the bees.

I was happy I snuck into the theater for that one.”

11. I remember this stinker.

“The Avengers.

It was 1998. No one other than me and a couple friends I made listen to me even knew what Marvel’s Avengers were. My mom is pleading with me not to go to this movie, it’s based on a spy show from the 60s, you’ll be disappointed, don’t waste the time.

But I convinced my dad to take me, and boy was it a sh*t show. At the point where Uma Therman says “How now brown cow,” as a password, I said f*ck this (in the way only a 10 year old can) and decided I would go to sleep.

Best nap my dad and I ever took.”

12. NO!

“The Emoji Movie.

I was honestly hoping for a Lego Movie situation where everyone thought it would be terrible but it was actually really good.

My hopes were dashed in like the first five minutes.”

13. Why even bother with a remake?

“The remake of Point Break (2015)

Just an absolute sh*t hole of a movie.

It still makes me angry when I think about it.”

14. An abomination.

“Green Lantern.

What an abomination to humanity.

I will never get over that they flashbacked to a scene that was in the movie 10 minutes prior.”

15. Bad all around.


Colin Farrell with a bad blond wig or dye job playing a Macedonian with an Irish accent. I realized just how bad it was when Alexander survived what I was sure would be a fatal wound.

That meant the piece of sh*t wasn’t over.”

16. Not his finest work.

“The Love Guru.

I love other movies written by Mike Myers (Wayne’s world, Austin powers) but this was just painfully not funny.

What a waste of an hour and a half of my life.”

17. A major flop.

“Ender’s Game.

I understand that it’s extremely hard to translate internal dialogue and growth but dang that movie sucked.”

18. Don’t bother.

“I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House.

It was getting some good press at the time and was newly released on Netflix… but I try to avoid spoilers so all I knew about it was that it was horror, people liked it, and it’s got something to do with a house. Probably haunted.

The movie is terrible. I watched it to the end thinking that something was going to happen that would make me like it… because hey, people liked it for some reason right?

And they were spending a lot of time building suspense, so there must be a really great payoff near the end of the movie, right? …right? No.

Nothing happens in the movie. Turns out the people who liked it just liked the setting and costumes. The most eventful thing that happens if I recall it right is that some mold grows in a corner of a room.

Someone should probably clean it before it becomes a health hazard.”

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