This Is How Much Weight You Can Lose by Pooping

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I’ve actually heard people talking about this subject, so I guess it’s on the mind of at least some people. Exactly how much weight can you lose by pooping? And can farting help you lose weight too?

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Amazingly, we actually have the answers. Researchers found that poop weighs between 2.5 ounces and 1 pound on average – but people in the western world generally have the lowest poop weights due to our lack of fiber and the fast food diets we love so much.

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To test the weight of farts, researchers (how would you like this job?) used rectal catheters on subjects over the course of 24 hours. Their findings showed that farts add up to between 16 and 50 ounces each day.

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Registered dietician Adina Pearson says that consuming more fiber and water will make you go to the bathroom more, but that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily lose weight. Also, the kinds of food you eat obviously matter. A pound of vegetables will be sent on its merry way into the porcelain bowl, but a pound of something like pie will most likely end up as fat on your body, at least partially.

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Most people will only be able to shed 1-2 pounds max through pooping, so don’t run to the store and stock up on laxatives (plus, frequent use of laxatives is not great for you). The more you go to the bathroom, the less bloated you’ll feel, but a healthy diet and exercise are still, sadly, the best way to lose weight.

Sorry, folks.

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