‘The Museum of Selfies’ Is a Real Place and It’s Way Cooler Than You Think

©Flickr, Ellen De Vos

I never thought I’d see this, but I guess it was inevitable, right? We can chalk it up to a reflection of the world we currently inhabit. Ready? The Museum of Selfies is set to open in Los Angeles sometime after the new year.

The museum will be solely dedicated to the art of the selfie, and it’ll delve into the history of people taking photos of themselves.

Because it seems we’ve always been a little narcissistic.

Museum co-founder Tommy Honton said, “We definitely want people to laugh or be surprised by the entire exhibit. So we have the visual humor where people walk up, and they engage with the space. And we’re hoping they laugh, or they’re surprised, or are amused, and that they can’t help but want to take a picture with it.” And of course, there will also be plenty of present-day selfies.

This promises to be an interesting place, and maybe the history of this unique art form will actually be quite entertaining to learn about…

…and perhaps you’ll get to see the first selfie-stick photo in person.

h/t: Distractify