NASA Just Released This Telling Video About Climate Change

Climate change is catching up with us.

Though scientists have warned for decades that human activity is taking a toll on our blue planet, we’re now starting to see the more palpable effects come to fruition.

According to NASA, 2020 tied for the warmest year on record. This year’s counterpart? 2016.

The two warmest years on record since 1880 lie only a short four years away from each other, indicating that global warming has rapidly accelerated in the last decade.

The findings come as no surprise after reflecting on the data pulled from last year. 2020 sported a record fire seasons (reaching all the way up to the Arctic circle) and an unprecedented loss of Arctic sea ice.

In the video, the space agency revealed that the world’s average temperature has risen over 2 degrees Fahrenheit since the late 19th century. Though 2 degrees might seem negligible in day-to-day weather, it’s significant on a global scale.

An average increase in temperature the whole world over means changing habitats, landscapes, and sea-levels. Ultimately, this might submerge thousands of coastal cities underwater.

In turn, that geographic shift could displace millions of people from their homes.

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Throughout the video, NASA pins the warming trend on increasing greenhouse gas levels. The consequences of these gases are vast. 2020 was a record-breaking hurricane season, with 30 tropical cyclones forming over the span of five months.

That means bad news for us here on Earth. However, according to top NASA researchers, it’s not too late to respond to climate change.

Though global warming is an inconvenient reality, action to reduce gas emissions now could prevent the worst from happening.

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