Nearly Everybody Has Thalassophobia. Here’s What It Is.

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

When even the thought of a wide, open sea stretching before, or even more frightening, below you, paralyzes you with fear and loathing, you may have thalassophobia.

“Pish-posh,” you say. “I love the ocean and the feel of cool, salty breezes when I watch the waves roll in.”

And roll in, and roll in, and they just keep rolling, nothing stopping them, because the land is being swept away from under your feet, and, soon, you’ll be up to your neck in water with nothing to hold on to.

Creeped out, yet?

It sure is deep down there.

And, probably cold too.

Who knows what’s down there… from thalassophobia

But, the ocean is just a peaceful lagoon.

With more lagoons just underneath the surface.

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There are creatures down there.

Who want to play.

What if you were on the ill-fated Titanic?

The single light in the staircase shows you the way out of one nightmare into another.

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

“Come play with us.”

Forever and ever.

Taken from a fishing boat in Antartica from thalassophobia

There’s so much space for big things.

And we’re so little.

“Hi! Coming swimming anytime soon?”

What are they hanging around for??

Photo from my brother who’s in the middle of the Gulf working on an oil rig from thalassophobia

In case you didn’t know, this is how sharks brush their teeth.

By breaching into your nightmares.

Breaching in the middle of the night. from thalassophobia

Now you don’t want to fly.

It’s better to stay at home where nothing can hurt you ever.

I’m so sorry for this one.

I’m almost positive it’s a vegetarian.

The fish of 10000 nopes from pics

The Liberty Bell capsule has been buried under the sea for 60 years.

Night after night, it waits for visitors.

Liberty Bell Space Capsule resting on the sea floor [1999] from submechanophobia

This baby doesn’t know about impending thalassophobia.

Ignorance is bliss.

Told you might like my photo from thalassophobia

So. Many. Sharks.

Kind of like spiders–there’s one within reach of you right now.

My friend recently went swimming with sharks off the coast of Oahu. As she got into the water, she snapped this photo of the depths below. from thalassophobia

The ocean is so vast.

It can be so lonely floating out there by yourself.

Beneath the surface lies a demon. from thalassophobia

Looks beautiful.

But one slip and he’ll be sucked down never to be seen again.

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Our ocean wildlife is so precious.

And hungry.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Now, take a deep breath and look around you.

See? You’re safe and dry.

Did you know there are also thalassophiles? They love the ocean and they’ll probably love it if you shared this with them.