14 Tweets That Made Us Laugh When We Saw Them

Photo Credit: Twitter

Some weeks the world just seems bleak. Everything is going wrong, your bills are late, and your dog’s being a jerk (okay, that could just be me). Sometimes you just need to laugh.

So here are 15 funny tweets to brighten up your day.

1. Good question

2. Ungrateful


3. I’d watch it


4. The dangers of working from home


5. Silly hedgehog

6. I’m glad we’re tackling important social issues

7. This unsettling realization

8. Cats are gonna cat


9. I look like that any time I set my alarm


10. This is a terrible idea

11. So romantic

12. Answer the question!

13. I would watch this too

14. You can run, but you can’t hide


What’s the best tweet you’ve seen this week?