If You Need a Laugh, You Should Give These 20 Posts a Try

Some days, you just need a laugh. Or, if it’s Monday, maybe more than one.

If today is that day for you, Tumblr (as usual) has you covered.

20. I feel like this might be a copyright issue.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

19. Amazeballs. (Yes, I said amazeballs. Fight me.)

Photo Credit: Twitter

18. College summed up in a single post.

Photo Credit: Me.Me

17. Something good, obviously.

Photo Credit: Twitter

16. Everybody’s a comedian.

Photo Credit: Imgur

15. I mean, someone is wearing rubber gloves on their feet, but why?

Photo Credit: Imgur

14. Look closely…

Photo Credit: Twitter

13. IDEK.

Photo Credit: Know Your Meme

12. Every darn time.

Photo Credit: Twitter

11. Priceless

Photo Credit: Twitter