Netflix Has a New Zany Gameshow Perfect for Sleep-Deprived Parents

Photo Credit: Netflix

Parents everywhere should sign up to be a contestant on Netflix’s new zany game show, Awake: The Million Dollar Game. Contestants are required to stay awake for 24 hours to play for a million dollars. Seems easy for any mom or dad, right?

Maybe, maybe not.

Within that 24-hour period, they are tasked with counting quarters and remembering their tally. They are given no calculators, pens, or paper. They must rely on their own sleep-deprived memory.

“Sleepless for 24 hours, contestants in the comedy game show stumble through challenges both eccentric and every day for a chance at a $1 million prize,” Netlflix lists on their site.

Photo Credit: Netflix

What did they think?

“I’ve got four children at home. I am a Las Vegas firefighter, so I’m always sleep-deprived,” contestant Laric Tolleson said during the first episode. “I don’t have to listen to screaming kids, I don’t have to listen to screaming patients, all I need to listen to is the clickety-clack of sweet, sweet money, I am loving this.”

He’s got mad experience in this arena.

How does it go down?

Once the 24-hour period wraps up, the 6 individuals report their totals and complete in several elimination rounds. Each round is insane and hilarious, testing their already exhausted bodies and minds. The games range from drinking slushies, smashing eggs, and threading as many needles as possible within two minutes.

Photo Credit: Netflix

They also disqualify players with the lowest quarter count and worst accuracy. The show even tosses out a buy-out for anyone that cannot stay awake for another minute. While they get a small cash prize, they aren’t getting that million.

In the end, there is one hopeful and exhausted person, but two more challenges await. First, he/she chooses to either walk away with what they counted or go for the “big bank.” The big bank contains every quarter originally counted, which, in the first episode, was over $130,000.

The catch? That last standing player must guess within $500 of their own count to win.

If they win the big bank, the million-dollar round comes next. Now their guess must be within $25 of their original count to win… Yikes.

So for those who have been training for this moment *cough…parents* sign up and put all that lost sleep to work!