You Never Knew You Needed Cats in Hats Made from Their Own Hair. But You Do.

There are some things you go searching the Internet for, and there are others that come to you – unexpected, maybe even unwanted, but, in the end (especially if it has to do with cats), we realize they’re exactly what our lives have been missing.

Like these cats wearing hats made out of their own hair. You’re welcome.

#12. Who, me?


Photo Credit: Rio Yamazaki

#11. The one in front is like, “Dude. I’m in my box. We’ve talked about this.”


Photo Credit: Rio Yamazaki

#10. Triple scoop of butt ice cream, please!


Photo Credit: Rio Yamazaki

#9. Get my good side, please. Yes. That’s the one.


Photo Credit: Rio Yamazaki