So This New Engagement Phone Case Live Streams Your Proposal and People HATE It


Is nothing sacred anymore? Doesn’t anyone want to keep some things in our lives private? In this sometimes depressing day and age we live in, people seem intent on sharing every single second of their lives with the entire world on social media. Marriage, kids, death, even something as inane as making dinner. Well, things just got even worse. A company called Rokshok has created a special phone case that holds an engagement ring and lets you capture your entire (indecent) proposal on video so the whole world can see!

Oh, and you can also live stream it if you want to.

Photo Credit: RokShok

Oh boy. Call me crazy, but if I ever get engaged, it’s gonna be 100% private, just her and me and the staff at Chili’s. But, as you probably know, nowadays everyone has to impress loads of people they’ve never met before via the internet…and here we are.

Photo Credit: Facebook, RokShok

When people on Twitter found out about this new contraption, they were (thankfully) not impressed and they sounded off.

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And possibly the best response to this whole fiasco…

Photo Credit: Twitter,tprstly

At least there’s still a little bit of fight left in humanity…

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