New Gadget Detects Hidden Cameras in Any Room

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Recently, disturbing cases of vacationers finding tiny cameras in their accommodations have been making the news. A few weeks ago, a couple even found a hidden camera in their Carnival Cruise stateroom. This techno-trend is, frankly, horrifying.

Luckily, one company has set out to ease travelers’ minds.

Spy Associates has made an innovative surveillance and privacy protection product called the SpyFinder Pro. It is a personal handheld camera lens detector designed specifically to find devices purposefully concealed from the naked eye.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Besides offering peace of mind, the tool is affordable and lightweight. When it spots a lens, bright flickering LEDs come on to alert the user that a camera has been detected. Even non-working cameras are highlighted.

The product is designed to keep the entire family safe from the dangers of strangers using private video footage for extortion or embarrassment – but who wants a stranger looking at video footage of your private moments for any reason?

No one. It’s gross.

Photo Credit: Spy Finder

Cameras can be hidden in many common items found in guest accommodations, like clocks, picture frames and outlets. The Spy Finder can also be used to protect people at the office or in locker rooms.

The SpyFinder Pro is available at Spyfinder.com. The scenarios where someone could be watching when you think you are alone are endless, and cameras are only going to keep getting smaller, so it may be worth considering…for your own protection.