New Year, New You – Here Are 8 Ways to Become a Person Who Actually Likes Exercise

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I’ve said for years that if I could change one thing about myself, it would be to turn myself into someone who enjoys exercising. Because even when I’m in the groove and working out regularly and liking the way I look and feel because of it, I still loathe doing it. Still have to force myself to put on my workout clothes and shoes and get to it.

Every. Single. Time.

Wouldn’t life be so much more enjoyable if exercising wasn’t a chore? I think so. If you do, too, then check out these 8 tips for turning yourself into someone who will actually stick to those resolutions – and not hate doing it, either.

#8. Don’t worry about looking silly.

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This is great advice for everything you do in life, tbh, but it goes double for those classes at the gym you’ve always wanted to try but don’t because you worry you’ll look dumb. Who cares? Have fun and get fit in the process – anyone who would make fun of you is showing their own insecurity and nothing else.

#7. Make your goals weekly, instead of a giant one.

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Say you’re going to exercise 3 days a week instead of “lose 20 pounds by Memorial Day,” etc.

#6. Save your Netflix binge for cardio time.

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What better motivation to hop on the treadmill than the next episode of whatever show you never have time to watch otherwise?

#5. Don’t make your goals about weight loss.

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Make it about your clothes fitting better, or you having more energy or better muscle tone, etc. It’s easier to maintain and also, weight truly is just a number.

#4. Evaluate your lifestyle.

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A workout routine is only going to stick if it fits with your other lifestyle elements – if you’re going out drinking four nights a week there’s no way you’re getting up early to work out every morning. Change only happens when you can incorporate it into your everyday.

#3. Know your excuses.

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Acknowledge ahead of time all of the things that get in your way when it comes to keeping your commitment, and punch them in the face before they can hold you back.

#2. Take notes on your progress.

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Motivation is far easier to find when you can easily see how you’ve improved, whether or not you’re feeling great that day. Track distance run, weight lifted, sit-ups or pushups or burpees accomplished, etc, to see how far you’ve come.

#1. Allow yourself time off.

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Even a whole week, if you’re going to be out of town or super busy with a deadline or something similar. It’s okay to give yourself a break – in fact, you’ll be more likely to keep your goals if you do.

Here’s hoping it takes!