New Zealand Woodworker Makes Twisted, Broken Whimsical Furniture

Photo Credit: Facebook

If you want to live in a comfortable home, you need furniture. If you want to live in a whimsical, if-Disney-and-Tim-Burton-had-a-baby home, you need New Zealand woodworker, Henk Verhoeff’s furniture.

Recently, Verhoeff’s unique skill in furniture-making went viral because images of his broken, weird, twisted, wonderful furniture appeared on line.

And, wow. Just, wow.

Verhoeff’s daughter, Linda, posted the pictures on Facebook to share her father’s creations.

His pieces look like something you’d see in a Disney or Tim Burton movie.

You can almost imagine the furniture singing and dancing.

The most amazing thing about his furniture is that it’s really furniture.

The drawers and doors open and you can store your things in them.

How he does it boggles the mind. The Facebook page created by Linda has been liked by almost 95,000 people. In an interview with Bored Panda, Verhoeff said, “I describe my style of furniture as broken and weird. I like making weird furniture, something that you don’t see in a shop.”

Each piece can take him up to one hundred hours to complete. He uses New Zealand pine or, sometimes, Rimu when it’s available.

He’s retired from cabinet making so creating these unusual pieces is his hobby. In fact, he’s not even interested in selling them, although he does mention putting a piece or two on eBay.

For now, his cartoonish furniture is simply his passion and something he just loves to do.

What an amazing talent!