Nightmare Tenants Ask Their Landlord to “Be More Professional” and Malicious Compliance Ensues

If there is a more fraught relationship in the world than the one between landlord and tenant, I don’t know what it is. There’s a natural power imbalance, which some tenants make up for by destroying sh%t and ruining things for the rest of us.

Most of us are normal renters, though, but these people?

They went just a little too far.

It began when the landlord asked his tenants to comply with two (contracted) issues: adding a person to the lease who was living there, and having their new dog approved.

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He says he asked nicely.

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He also asked if they planned to renew the lease, and when they didn’t respond, he notified them he would begin showing the unit.

He says he worked as hard as possible to make it easy on them, one parent to another.

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They didn’t respect his requests for them to clear out during showings, and things got pretty crowded pretty fast.

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After some maneuvering, everything works fine – they leave, the showings are completed, etc etc.

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THEN, she gets a voicemail from one of the men – who is not even on the lease – telling her how unprofessional it was of her to bring her children, and also complaining about the short notice and about how they had to sterilize all of their newborn’s things after other children were in the apartment.


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So, she started to be extra professional.

Those violations? She sent official notices of them. She sent an official notice to vacate. She called their mother, who was their emergency contact.

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She. Called. Their. Mom!

They did take care of the violations, and moved out on the assigned date, though there was some damage to the apartment that exceeded what was left in their security deposit.

She threatened to take them to small claims court, and they said that didn’t seem fair.

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Professional was what he wanted, and professional was what he got. I bet he won’t ask someone to be that again.

I don’t know about this one, y’all. It’s not that she wasn’t justified, it’s that I’ve had a newborn and other life stresses and sometimes, you know, you just say things you normally wouldn’t.

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