No, You’re Not Wrong. There Was a Weird Change to a Scene in ‘Lilo and Stitch’

Photo Credit: Disney

Disney’s Lilo and Stitch was a great movie set in Hawaii about an alien looking for his people. Lilo is the lonely girl who thinks he’s an ugly dog and brings him home.

You can stream it and relive it in all it’s adorable-ness. But, beware. There’s a scene with a strange switch that may have you thinking you are seeing things.

A user on TikTok was the first to point it out.

Photo Credit: Disney

The scene is one in which Lilo hides in the laundry room after she and Nani have a fight.

Photo Credit: Disney

But, here’s the weird thing. In the original movie, Lilo hides in a dryer, right?? What’s missing in this scenario?

Photo Credit: Disney

As TikTok user @jamieruadh32 shows us in her video, there’s a major difference! So, if you’re “thinking where’s the dryer?” you are barking up the right tree.


Disney be changing shit ##foryoupage

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You can check for yourself if you have the DVD. Lilo is clearly crawling into the dryer. But the streaming version shows a pizza box in the place of the dryer.

Apparently, Disney got spooked at the idea of showing kids it’s okay to hide in a dryer. This is a dangerous idea to be sure. So, on the Disney + version, we get a pizza box.

Photo Credit: Disney

Which is just as well, because safety first. But still Disney, you could have given the adults a heads up. We thought we were losing it!

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