Non-Americans, What’s the Best American Food? Here’s How People Responded.

I don’t really know what American foods non-Americans like the best, but I do know that they think the portions we dole out over here are HUGE.

And they’re right about that…

But today we’re gonna hear from foreign folks about what kind of American foods they like the best.

Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Nice and greasy.

“I worked in California for a while and this bakery near me used to have this spicy bread that was packed with cheese and jalapenos.

It was greasy as f**k but holy s**t it was good.”

2. A classic.

“Peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

At first I thought it was a disgusting combo, but when I tried I loved it.”

3. Yes, please.

“Baked cheesecake

Boston chowder

Pecan pie

BBQ ribs.”

4. Carolina BBQ.

“I have relatives in Carolina, (I’m in the UK) and the first time I had vinegar based BBQ I nearly cried.

That stuff for me can’t be beat.”

5. Yay!

“So, as a non-American, my most vivid memory of something I ate in the US (in Key West actually) is a Key Lime Pie!


6. Great stuff.


I usually cook a big pot, portion it and freeze it.

So good when it’s re-heated, it doesn’t even have to be hot.”

7. Heartstopper.

“Biscuits And gravy.

Nothing even comes close. A good buttermilk biscuit with a proper sausage gravy is heaven on earth.

Because by the end, your heart stops beating anyway.”

8. Eat up!

“I may be a simpleton, but an average diner with bottomless filter coffee, pancakes, bacon and syrup was my favourite part of the day.

Although I did put on about 10-15kg after a month in Texas.”

9. Nice and sweet.

“For me it’s cinnamon rolls.

The closest we get here without making them at home is the ones at Ikea and they’re nothing like american cinnamon rolls.”

10. Another level.

“Deli sandwiches.

Any deli in NYC makes a better sandwich than anything you can get in Australia.

And then places like Katz’s deli just take it to another level.”

11. Doing it the right way.

“Anything with a city name in front of it.

Chicago Pizza, Buffalo Wings, Nashville chicken, Philly Cheesesteaks.”

12. All kinds of stuff.

“I’m Italian.

I still dream of the meat I’ve eaten in the USA.

Also, Mexican food. By that i mean whatever it is you guys eat in California.

Also, junk food.

Also, I might have had the two best cakes of my life in the US. One was a carrot cake at a wedding, another one was a burnt-almond cake.

Also, everything that comes with Thanksgiving: the turkey, the mashed potatoes, the deviled eggs.

Also, apple pie.

Also, i forgot the most important thing!! IN N’ OUT BURGERS

Also, the breakfast. I loved having that giant food plated and infinite coffee refills.

Also, donuts from the local Chinese mom and pop store down the road.

Also, bagels.”

13. Are you still hungry?

“European who moved to the states, so I’ve tried some American dishes that are beyond what is common back home.

Lobster Rolls. OMG these would be soooo popular back home. They are the perfect seafood sandwich!

Smoked brisket. Wow! I tried this in some small texas town and that place deserves a Michelin star!

Key Lime Pie. I think I ate a whole one by myself when I was in Miami

Chocolate chip cookies.”

What do you think is the best American food?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks in advance!