“Officer Karen” Can’t Contain Her Frustration Over Waiting for an Egg McMuffin

Photo Credit: Pixabay

If you’ve ever treated yourself to McDonald’s breakfast before, you know how difficult it can be to wait for your Egg McMuffin to arrive. After all, who doesn’t want to kickstart their day with a tasty breakfast sandwich on the way to work?

But for one police officer, her McMuffin frustration boiled over to the point that she’s now known as “Officer Karen” after a video posted on Twitter went viral.

In the video, the officer, whose actual name is Stacey, relays a story about pulling up to a local McDonald’s to pick up food she ordered online. This happened after her shift ended, so the allure of a fresh Egg McMuffin had to be tantalizing.

Unfortunately for “Officer Karen” her food wasn’t ready when she arrived. Let’s just say that didn’t sit well with the policewoman.

“And I’m waiting, and I’m waiting, and I’m waiting, and so the girl comes to the window and asks me what my order was.

I repeat my order, and they ask me to pull up because my food’s not ready.

It’s an English muffin meal with a hash brown and coffee.

And I mean, I hadn’t eaten since probably…like in a while, so I was kind of hungry.”

In a cruel twist of fate, the McDonald’s worker brought the officer her coffee. Already on edge and with a supposed grumbling tummy, she proceeded to break down relaying her disappointment.

“And that’s all she hands me is the coffee.

So I told her, don’t bother with the food because right now I’m too nervous to take it.

It doesn’t matter how many hours I’ve been up, it doesn’t matter what I’ve done for anyone, right now I’m too nervous to take a meal from McDonald’s because I can’t see it being made.”

Photo Credit: Unsplash

So, did the internet have opinions? Oh yes…

And, rightly so. Because if somebody can get this upset over a sandwich…

Also, remember, she MADE this video and posted it. To get sympathy.

At the end of the day though, Officer Karen will now live in infamy all because of an Egg McMuffin. Maybe next time she’ll order a McGriddle.

Have you ever had to wait a crazy amount of time for fast food? Did you lose your cool, or did you manage to keep it together? Tell us more in the comments below!