San Francisco ‘Karen’ and Husband Call Cops on Man for Creating ‘Black Lives Matter’ Art on His Own Wall

Photo Credit: Pixabay

The internet has proudly exposed many “Karens” recently. Thanks to smartphones and social media, we’ve come to learn that there are some truly rude and obnoxious people in the world.

Unfortunately for one San Francisco man, he met a new “Karen” the hard way.

James Juanillo posted a video on Twitter of his now-infamous encounter with a white woman and her husband. Let’s just say she comes off looking quite ignorant for what unfolded.

Through the neighborhood social networking app Nextdoor, users later identified the woman as Lisa Alexander. She just so happens to be the CEO of a skincare company called LA Face.

As the video unfolds, Alexander and her husband ask Juanillo if the “private property” he is “defacing” actually belongs to him. Of course, he responded with quite a logical comeback.

“If I did live here and it was my property, this would be absolutely fine? And you don’t know if I live here or if this is my property?”

Photo Credit: Pixabay

When the woman claims to know the property owner, Juanillo challenges her to call the person or the police. After all, that would be the proper route to take if a crime had taken place.

So what exactly was all the fuss about?

Apparently “Karen” and her husband didn’t like Juanillo’s “Black Lives Matter” chalk art on the wall.

When the cops arrived on the scene, they didn’t even get out of their patrol car. According to Juanillo, “they recognized me immediately as a resident of the house.”

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Though he doesn’t own the home, he has been renting it for nearly two decades.

Ultimately, the new “Karen” suffered for her actions far worse than she could have ever imagined. She deleted her Twitter account, and Birchbox, the company that distributed LA Face products, severed ties with the company.

Have you ever encountered someone who falsely accused you of a crime? How did you respond? Tell us about your story in the comments below!