Oklahoma Man Arrested in Possession of Stolen Vehicle, Rattlesnake, Whiskey, Gun and Uranium

Photo Credit: Guthrie, Oklahoma Police Department

In Oklahoma Man news, police say a recent stop resulted in the arrest of a person possessing a rattlesnake, a gun, an open container of whiskey and a rod of uranium.

Police pulled over the black Ford Explorer Stephen Jennings was driving for expired tags. Jennings was eventually charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, transporting an open container of liquor and – surprise face – driving on a suspended license.

Evidently, Jennings isn’t the sort of man who believes in carrying proof of insurance either. But he is the kind of guy that will tell a cop about a handgun in the vehicle, so there’s that.

The gun was located by officers in the glove compartment and an opened, yet almost full, bottle of whiskey was procured from the space between the driver and passenger seat.

A female passenger was also detained after law enforcement ran her name. Rachel Rivera, a felon, was charged with possession of a firearm after a felony conviction.

After the arrest of both driver and passenger, police were impounding the vehicle when they noticed a terrarium.

Photo Credit: Goodfreephotos.com

Investigators observed that the terrarium held a Timber rattlesnake. They also observed the terrarium had been placed next to some powdered uranium.

A hazard materials company was dispatched, at which time they determined the uranium to be emitting only low levels of radiation and not past the legal limits of possession to warrant another charge.

That’s right. There is a limit to the amount of uranium you are allowed to carry.

Actually, let me rephrase: beneath a certain radiation threshold, YOU CAN BUY IT ON AMAZON.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Jennings told arresting officers he was planning on making a “super snake” with the material. Then he said he was kidding. He was collecting scrap metal and pulled it out of an instrument used to detect radiation.

And the rattlesnake? Yeah, that’s not illegal either. At the time of possession, it was rattlesnake season in Oklahoma, and Jennings had the proper hunting license.

Personally, I’m half-way cheering for this guy. To look back on life and know you lived it on your own terms? Just priceless.