One Grandma’s Sweet Response to Learning She Can Move in With Her Grandson

There are so many things that are hard about getting old, but losing our independence is surely one of the tougher and more awkward things to discuss with family. On the one hand, no one wants to go and live with strangers, only to be forgotten by the people they love.

On the other hand, no one wants to be a burden to those people, either.

This woman doesn’t have to worry anymore, though, because her grandson is thrilled to have her come and stay – what a blessing.

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Matthew Stewart and his grandmother Bobbe, who calls GB, live in Destin, Florida. He recently took her for a drive through a construction site, and as they sat out front, he revealed the house that was being built was so that she could come and live with him and his family.

GB looks positively floored, and grateful, and in love as she tells Matt she’s glad “somebody wants me.”

I’m sorry, y’all, but no human being should ever have to think no one wants them, especially not when they’re old. Humans aren’t garbage to be tossed when it gets old!

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In the video, Matt tells GB that she’ll have her own private sitting room, bedroom, and fully accessible bathroom, so that she’ll be able to comfortably stay as long as she’s able.

Image Credit: Instagram

Later, Matt said that being able to invite her to a new, accessible home thrills him, too.

“It meant the world to be able to show her our new home!

I cannot wait to actually move into it and have her with us!

I know we are all VERY excited.

She was there for me in the past for the toughest time of my life and now I get to take care of her in the final years of her life.

I’m very blessed.”

So cute!


GB says she’s “packed and ready to go” as soon as the house is ready, and I don’t know about you, but I’m going to need a followup.

Adorable. More of this, please.