15 Disney Jokes From the Internet That Will Make Your Day

Image Credit: Disney

I know you think you’re a Disney expert, but are you really? These 15 posts will only make total sense if you are!

And listen… we’re not here to Disney shame. If you don’t know what these are, that’s okay.

We promise we won’t tell your Dinsey-loving friends. Your secret is safe with us.

#15. That’s a whole other honeypot.

This kind of makes me uncomfortable.


#14. Stahp.

Oh snap! It’s Dug!


#13. A fair point.

Keep up kids, it’s not that hard.


#12. I mean if they need help.

When you get it, you get it.


#11. IDK that I’m in for modern Disney.

She’s probably on TikTok anywa…

#10. Awkward.

Bet you didn’t know a rat was that good, did ya baby?

#9. I don’t have feelings, you have feelings.

That’s such a subtle thing. Love it!


#8. It could be no one else.

I’m in love with this movie!


#7. Don’t mess with the furniture.

You’ll get your a** kicked hard!

#6. Dying.

This is too true.

#5. Color me more than a little impressed.

Hilariousity ensues now!


#4. This is a lot to unpack.

Do you think you could do it?


#3. I absolutely cannot pick my favorite part of this.

Can you?


#2. Truly.

How did they not see that this could be a thing?!? Make it happen Disney!

#1. Now that’s a good friend.

Now that’s a pro way to grieve, my dudes!

I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed, but it is what it is!

Did you get all of these references? Three quarters? Half?

Let us know your percentage in the comments. Your secret is safe with us!