Oscar Meyer Debuts a Hot Dog Flavored Ice Cream Sandwich

Photo Credit: Oscar Meyer

Don’t you love when companies take two good things, like hot dogs and ice cream, and combine them into one horrific thing? Introducing the “ice dog sandwich,” a new dessert from none other than Oscar Mayer.

The brand collaborated with Il Laboratorio Del Gelato to create the ice dog sandwich, which consists of hot dog-flavored ice cream, candied hot dog bits (!!!), and spicy dijon mustard gelato, all sandwiched between two cookie “buns.”

Sound disgusting?


Oscar Mayer announced the sandwich on Twitter alongside a poll, and the results were a resounding “no thank you.”

“Please tell me this is a joke,” one user tweeted.

“We don’t joke about hot dogs…or ice cream! It’s artisan crafted in small batches made with candied bits of Oscar Mayer Angus Beef Hot Dogs,” the brand replied. They insist that the sandwich is delicious and “will NOT disappoint,” and to be fair, it’s not entirely unprecedented. Just one day before they announced the ice dog sandwich, French’s debuted yellow mustard ice cream.

Anyway, despite everyone’s protests, Oscar Mayer began selling the sandwiches out of their iconic Wienermobile (a 27-foot hot dog on wheels) in New York City on August 12. They handed out free samples; the sandwich is not available for sale.

For a limited time, those not in New York could slide into Oscar Mayer’s DMs for a sample, but they were flooded with DMs and had to close them.

For most of us, hot dog flavored ice cream will have to remain a distant nightmare.