Pabst Blue Ribbon Is Selling a 99-Can Case Filled with 3 Different Types of Beer

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99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer…

Booooooyah! I’m not gonna lie, I like the sound of this!

Pabst Blue Ribbon, or PBR as it is usually called, is selling a limited-edition 99-pack containing three different kinds of beer. Is this great news, or what?!?!

Just keep in mind that when you do track this bad boy down, bring a friend or two to help you carry it home, okay?

The 99-pack of PBR is now in select stores in select states, and I think it’s going to make the holidays a lot more tolerable for many people out there. This monster features three beers from the PBR collection: original PBR, the light PBR Easy, and higher-strength PBR Extra (I’ve never even heard of PBR Extra before).


Here are the states where this glorious feat of ingenuity is available as of now.

Texas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Florida, New York, South Carolina, Montana, Vermont, California, Wisconsin, Iowa, Arkansas, and Colorado.

If you live in a state that is NOT on this list, you might want to call your local distributors…or maybe try your Senator?

It looks like these might be hard to track down even if they are in your state, too. A store in Mankato, Minnesota, put up a post showcasing their 99 packs (which they were selling for $59.99 – ¢60.6 per beer, for anyone counting), and they sold out in less than 24 hours. Also, people were driving almost 100 miles to buy up these bad boys.

Listen, the people want what the people want, okay?

I might be taking a quick drive to South Carolina this weekend…