Paramedics Don’t Run Toward Emergencies, and for Good Reason


Have you ever wondered why it looks like paramedics are headed to a leisurely Sunday brunch when they’re walking a stretcher toward someone in an emergency situation?

Photo Credit: US Air Force

Well, there’s a reason behind their calm demeanor, so stop your judging, okay? Remember that these men and women are trained professionals.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

There are three main reasons why paramedics walk, and don’t run, to emergency patients. The first is pretty obvious: running is risky. If a paramedic falls on the way to attend to a patient, now that’s another person who needs help. Duh. The second reason is that if a paramedic runs, they might miss potential hazards on the way in. Remember that they would hypothetically be running blind into a situation – if they move too quickly, they won’t be able to properly assess any danger to them.

Photo Credit: US Air Force

The third main reason is paramedics need to be the calmest and most composed people on the scene. Rushing or running into a situation sets a tone for patients and others on the scene that doesn’t exactly scream composure. If a paramedic enters a scene frazzled, short of breath, or noticeably excited, it adds stress to an already stressful situation. And one more thing: remember that they’re carrying a lot of heavy, very expensive equipment.

Photo Credit: US Marine Corps

The more you know!

h/t: Mental Floss