Peacock Tarantulas Are the Beautifully Blue Spiders You Didn’t Know Existed

Tarantulas have really gotten a bad rap over the years. In movies, TV shows and books, they’re depicted as evil predators just waiting to bite their unsuspecting human prey. But these furry little critters are actually pretty cute and fun to watch, which is why some people are even keeping them as pets.

There’s one kind of tarantula we’re guessing you haven’t heard of: The peacock tarantula. As the name suggests, these spiders are incredibly colorful, with iridescent and metallic coloring.

Here’s what one looks like:


And how pretty is this one?


It’s sort of like having a cool work of art for a pet:


Check out this one’s beautiful yellow accents:


This spider is aptly named “Mrs. Blue:”


Peacock tarantulas, also known as blue tarantulas, are actually considered “critically endangered,” which means they aren’t far from being extinct in the wild. And it makes sense because they REALLY stick out. How can these things blend in when they’re so vibrantly blue?

Today, they are primarily found in the wild in India and plans are underway to help the population rebound, though those steps aren’t a guarantee for fixing the problem.

Would you ever consider getting a pet tarantula, especially one as beautiful as these guys and gals? Or is the prospect of all those hairs and legs just too much for you? I would personally be down because I know how friendly and NOT dangerous these giant arachnids are.

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