Pedialyte Isn’t Just For Babies Anymore — They Now Have A Hangover Cure

Image Credit: Pedialyte

Considering that for years people have been pretending to have a sick kid while purchasing Pedialyte to combat their wicked hangovers, it’s kind of amazing that it took the company so long to officially jump on the bandwagon.

The drinks are designed to replace fluids and electrolytes and prevent dehydration caused by vomiting, diarrhea, exercise, travel, and heat exhaustion (plus it tastes sweet and yummy, so your darling little one will actually drink it). And since those are basically also the symptoms of a nasty hangover, parents long ago figured out they could do double duty.

Well, the day has finally come, folks – you can now officially buy fizzy versions of the curative, clearly meant to get you back in the game after a long night.

Photo Credit: Pedialyte

The new product is called Sparkling Rush Powder and it comes in packages you dump into water and shake to combine. According to the website, they’re “a fizzy way to quickly replenish fluids and electrolytes lost to dehydration” and are “designed with an optimal balance of electrolytes and sugar.”

Whee! And since the powder gets fizzy, you can just pretend you’re still drinking with your friends instead of what you’re really doing: wondering how low you can turn the volume on Daniel Tiger before your kid loses interest.

Photo Credit: Pedialyte

Protip: It’s lower than you think, since their brand new ears are better than yours.

Photo Credit: Pedialyte

Just look at that packaging! Clearly not for children.

Right now, we’ve only found the packets online at Target or on Pedialyte’s website, but at $10.99 for six, they’re a pretty simple and reasonable way to maintain your sanity and get your body back to the mostly-crap shape it was in before you went out drinking.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Thank you, Pedialyte. It’s about damn time.