People Admit Secrets They Have That They Can Only Tell Complete Strangers

It must really eat someone up inside if they have secrets that they can’t tell their friends, parents, siblings, cousins, or other people who are close to them.

But, I guess everyone has their own personal feelings about who they can trust and who is on a “need to know” basis when it comes to personal information.

But we’re about to hear some very intimate information from people who are only comfortable telling their secrets to strangers.

Let’s dive into some deep secrets with folks on AskReddit who haven’t even told the people in their lives these stories.

1. Not happy.

“I obsess about being able to start life over, in another time.

To the point where I feel this life is not worth bothering about.”

2. Drunk on TV.

“There is a video of me being interviewed by Tulsa Channel 9 news where I’m drunk.

I was wearing a beer soaked crop top tank top OK State shirt being asked about my opinion on beer being sold in Boone Pickens Stadium….not my finest moment.”

3. Ha! That’s good!

“About 10 yrs ago, I stole my bully’s phone and threw it off a building.

He still doesn’t know what happened to his phone.”

4. Host family.

“When I was with my host family it was honestly the only year of my life I’ve felt like a part of a family.

I miss them so much.”

5. Not a huge fan.

“I kind of dislike my best friend.

We’ve known each other a long time, and we’re both in unfortunate circumstances, but I’m trying to change mine. He isn’t trying to change his, he just rages about how unfair his life is.

I’ve offered all the help I can, but he never takes me up on it, and being his shoulder to cry on can be exhausting. He can be a very negative person, and so can I, but I’m trying to be less so, but it’s easy to slip back into negativity when I’m around him.

It’s all very frustrating sometimes.”

6. Looking to get sick.

“I feel relieved whenever I get sick.

I have major depression and anxiety problems, and being physically ill is just something people understand better.

I don’t know how to explain it.”

7. Lonely.

“Just how lonely I am. Of course, no one wants to hear it, they blow smoke up your *ss or repeat catchy phrases.

I have no friends or anyone I talk to outside of coworkers.

I had a bad breakup last year and pretty much no luck since.”

8. Awful.

“My mother’s last words as she lay dying in our house were ‘I’m scared’.

This has messed me up, bad.

And I can’t tell anyone I know because I don’t want to mess them up, too.”

9. Depressed.

“That I honestly don’t enjoy life that much anymore.

I eat well, I exercise, I do everything that people say to do if you’re depressed. It ain’t been helping, and anytime i bring it up with someone, they just talk about how good i seem to have it.

Makes talking to my girlfriend or my friends really hard, because I seem so upbeat, but honestly there are a lot of days where I’d rather just wake up and go back to sleep.”

10. Sad.

“That I am horribly lonely and depressed.

I have social anxiety and am an introvert, so meeting people is difficult.

Hating myself doesn’t help any, and I wish I would just die, but unfortunately I’m too much of a chicken to do anything about that last part.”

11. Not for everyone.

“I don’t want to be in a relationship right now because I finally have a chance to figure out who I am as a person, on my own.

As soon as I start seeing someone, that’s over. Then I have to deal with someone else’s feelings, wants and needs alongside my own. I’m 26 and I finally have this chance…

And I’m d*mned if I’m going to waste it.”

12. Online cheating.

“My wife of 13 years is cheating on me.

She hasn’t physically had s*x with anyone, or met for that matter, but she is chatting with men online. I gained access to her email, Facebook, phone, etc without her knowing.

Here’s the kicker….I don’t want to tell her I know because our s*x life is now through the f*cking roof. We went from 1-2 times a month to now 4-5 times per week. Also, some of the “men” she’s talking to online, well…she’s actually talking to me.

I found out she’s on Tinder, so I made a fake Tinder account and we matched. Been talking to her for a few weeks. Asking her all sorts of crazy sh*t she’s done, etc.

I also made a Craigslist ad through activity partners and she responded to it.”

13. Deep down…

“Deep down I feel like I don’t really want or need any friends.

It’s not that I don’t like the friends I have or have horrible friends, they’re all solid relationships. But sometimes I go a week or two without answering my messages and realise that I don’t actually enjoy speaking to anyone or having regular contact.

I hate the pressure of replying to messages or speaking to people about their lives which is INCREDIBLY selfish of me, and I feel as though the only real emotional attachment I have to anyone is my mother, brother, sister and my SO.

I feel burdened by any other form of emotional investment but what kind of f*cking b*tch would I be to just cut off every single one of my friends for no other reason than “I just don’t care that much”.

I also don’t understand why I feel like this because like I said they’re strong friendships, some of which I’ve had for at least 10 years. For reference I’m 27.”

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