People Admit the Illogical Things That They Believed for Years

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People believe illogical and completely ridiculous things for many reasons.

I think a big one is how they were raised and what their parents insisted they believe in, especially when it comes to religion and politics.

Another reason is that propaganda and spread of false news and information is real AND it’s a real threat.

And some of it is just being young and oblivious.

Here are some very interesting stories from folks on AskReddit.

1. We’re here for your liver.

“When I first got my license they asked if I wanted to be an organ donor. I said no.

Years later a friend of mine asked me why I wasn’t a donor and I told them it was because I was afraid they would call me up one day and demand a kidney or part of my liver or something.

After laughing their ass off my friend explained that’s not how it works and now I’m an organ donor. Hopefully no one wants my brain because I’m a moron.”

2. High fashion.

“I thought Aeropostale and American Eagle were the fanciest clothes you could get.

Grew up in Appalachia so for the area I guess they were. Dated a girl in Houston who was extremely into fashion and was pretty mortified that I had no idea what Armani, Gucci and Chanel were.”

3. I did, too. Doh!

“That the world was black and white until color came in to it.

Looking at old photographs confused young me, apparently.”

4. That’s pretty paranoid.

“That EVERYBODY, except me, were aliens trying to manipulate me in some kind of experiment.

So while I was interacting with someone, s/he was wearing a “human costume”, but when I was far away they would return to their alien body.”

5. I’m not eating that.

“When I was really young, one of my friends told me that raisin bread had rabbit poop in it. So I refused to eat raisin bread for years.

At some point the narrative of rabbit poop in bread must have got a little strange because then I convinced myself I just didn’t like it. And went with that for 25 years.

Until I dated someone who loved raisin bread and tried and it was amazing! No more rabbit poop bread.”

6. Hahahaha.

“I believed all dogs are male and all cats are female.

The cartoon CatDog really screwed with my youthful mind.

Both ends are male and I just couldn’t comprehend that.”

7. That’s weird.

“When I was a young teen my dad told me that girls can get pregnant from breathing in the air that boys exhale, because particles.

I didn’t kiss a boy until junior year of high school and to this day (now in my 20s) I still can’t stand people breathing near my face, which precludes certain cuddling positions.”

8. He was from America, dammit!

“I thought Jesus invented the English language.

And then he proceeded to write the King James Version of the Bible.”

9. No ice cream in there.

“My parents convinced me that the ice cream truck rang, when it was all out of ice cream. Found it they lied to me about 2 years ago…..

I’m sixteen.”

10. Time to get the gorillas involved.

“That guerilla warfare meant people had enlisted gorillas to fight with them.

They were always reported in far away places…. Where I presumed gorillas lived.”

11. A big no-no.

“That you can’t have sex before marriage.

I remember going to a show in the theatre and the 2 main characters kissed, and I was like “are they married to each other? Why aren’t they wearing wearing rings?””

12. Step right up!

“My bf believed that the black market was a real physical market where people would trade illegal things as a kid. Like a guy would be hawking guns in a stall next to another guy selling drugs and they’d compete over customers.

“Quality, pure drugs right here! No additives! Just the good stuff!”

“Buy my guns so you don’t have to pay for his drugs! I got the best guns!””

13. They’re not real?

“That movies were real and the name of the character was the name of the actor, admittedly was almost 12 before I first saw an actor in a second movie, and after asking my dad why they were calling him a different name, I realized.

But at least professional wrestling was real, yup also admittedly found out much later than I should have, 19 yrs old. I just really can suspend that disbelief, I guess.”

14. That would be a cool horror movie.

“That people who die turn into mannequins. And that the mannequins move when the store closes.

The mannequins are ghosts of the dead.”

15. The only one…

“Growing up and being an altar boy in the Catholic Church, I thought that Catholicism was the only one true religion.”

16. That SOB…

“I believed in Santa until I was about 7 or 8, which isn’t that unusual except that I’m Jewish and I thought he was an AntiSemite because I never got presents on Christmas.”

Now we want to hear from you.

Did you ever used to have totally illogical beliefs? What changed your mind?

Please tell us your stories in the comments.