People Are Cleaning Their Dishwasher Filters for the First Time and the Results Are Not Pretty

Dishwashers have made our lives so much easier. No more hand-washing (or drying!) dishes every night after dinner. Instead, just pop them into this handy machine and let it rip! Voila, clean dishes with almost no effort.

Even though your dishwasher’s only job is to clean things, it turns out it’s not all that good at cleaning itself. It needs your help. More specifically, you should clean your dishwasher’s filter periodically to keep things sparkling.

People are learning about this for the first time on TikTok and they’re finding some pretty nasty stuff in this filter. Like, really, really concerning gunk.

Here’s what they’re finding…

Trust me… you aren’t going to like this.


Are you cleaning your dishwashers filter regularly? #inspectormurph #homeowner #homeinspector #realtor #covid_19

♬ original sound – Patrick

Ew. Now THAT was gross AF. What was all that stuff? And it wasn’t even clean afterwards!!!

I’m officially traumatized.

And this woman? She says she’s going to have nightmares from what she found in hers:


Has anyone else checked theirs?! #foryou #fyp #indoorlooks #minivlog #marriedlife #cleanyourdishes #dishwasherfilter #dishwasherchallenge #why

♬ original sound – Krista Torres

Now check this out!

How satisfying is it when she washes all that grime off in the sink? Ahhh, like new.

But why is her gunk all white and the other was all black?

I’m so confused.


Tik Tok hacks changing lives! Who knew?? #dishwasherfilter #cleanfreshhype

♬ Mr. Clean – Yung Gravy

All this talk about dishwasher filters is making us wonder what other home appliances have a filter or something similar that needs to be cleaned. What if grossness is just lurking all around us at home?! I don’t need this anxiety TikTok! Stop finding things for me to worry about!!!

When was the last time you cleaned your dishwasher filter? Did you even know this little component existed?

Let us know in the comments!