People Are Finally Seeing What Their Partners’ “Work Mode” Is Like While Working From Home

©Unsplash,Eric Froehling

It’s always interesting to see your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend when they’re in “work mode”, isn’t it?

You’re used to seeing them before and after work, but now that we’re all crammed together working at home, it’s a whole new ballgame, folks.

You’re seeing a whole new person right in front of your eyes.

Here are some funny posts about people seeing their partners in “work mode” for the first time.

1. Let’s circle back.

2. He saves it for work.

3. Who is this person?!?!

4. I don’t understand what’s happening.

5. He needs privacy.

6. Table and revisit.

7. Definitely married up.

8. Shook to your core.

9. You’re one of her employees.

10. How you doing, Chief?

11. I don’t know this man…

12. About to vomit.

Like I said, you’re having a whole new person revealed to you right in front of your eyes…

Kinda weird, huh?

Are you seeing your partner’s “work mode” for the first time right now during this lockdown?

If so, please tell us how it’s going in the comments!