People Are Getting Pretty Creative With Their Protective Masks


As much as it sucks, it’s a very good idea to wear a protective mask these days when you leave the house.

Hopefully it will blow over sooner than later, but for now, we just have to get through it and do our best to protect ourselves and anyone else we come into contact with. But hey, we can have a little fun with the situation, right?

People are wearing all kinds of funny masks out in public to help ease the tension and they are delightful. Let’s have a look!

1. Use what ya got.

This woman who came into our restaurant said this is the only protective mask she could find. from r/funny

2. I’m freakin’ out!

Remember to wear a normal mask and glasses when going into public. Lady at the gas station almost had a heart attack. from r/funny

3. Whatever works.

When my daughter has no face mask to go outside but says “don’t worry Dad, I got this!”. from r/funny

4. Now you know what the dog feels like.

Now I can’t touch my face. from r/funny

5. Sir…never mind…

Remember, it has to be with wings. from r/funny

6. In shining armor.

You always gotta be careful when going to supermarkets especially with CoVID right now from r/sydney

7. I think you look great.

Don’t have a face mask? Hanes got you covered. from r/funny

8. That never-ending receipt is good for something.

CVS is giving free masks with each purchase! from r/funny

9. Did you ask your wife’s permission?

Making the mask out of a bra situation from r/funny

10. If it fits, you might as well use it.

Anything’s a mask if you’re brave enough from r/funny

11. I like this look.

Got two face masks ready for the pandemic. from r/funny

12. These are all solid.

13. This lady obviously takes the cake.

Quarantine fun with Mom! Only masks available on-line! from r/funny

Hey, if you gotta wear one, you might as well make it look cool, right?

Are you wearing a mask that’s decorated in a cool or funny way?

Share a photo with us in the comments, please!